GEA is a small, dynamic, team of professionals that provides structural engineering expertise for medium to large private and public infrastructure projects. Our services range across the full spectrum of project implementation phases.

During your project’s initial stages, we carry out concept and feasibility studies and do condition assessments of existing structures. We prepare facility master plans, bringing together a team of multi-disciplinary specialists to cover all the bases.

As your project moves closer to reality, we carry out the necessary preliminary and detailed designs and prepare the technical tender and contract documents. When your facility is under construction, we provide technical support and structural field reviews to ensure the final product meets the design criteria you and we agreed on.

Our Role in Your Project

If you are a Project Owner…  you may be looking for a small, efficient firm to handle your project, either to complement your in-house project team or as prime consultant.

GEA as Prime Consultant

GEA has the facilities to prepare complete tender and working documents for your projects and the experience necessary for leading and coordinating a team of third party engineering, architectural and specialist firms.

Gygax Engineering Associates Services

Services provided by GEA

  • Project administration
  • Project coordination
  • Overall design
  • Detailed design leadership
  • Detailed engineering

If you are a Large Engineering Firm… you may wish to subcontract a part of your project for reasons of time, cost or availability of staff. Or partner up with GEA on a joint venture basis to present the Project Owner with a more comprehensive team.

GEA as Subconsultant

Our experience and analytical tools complement your design team. For example, “specialty” structures such as: deep foundations, supported excavations, or seismic analysis and design.

Gygax Engineering Associates Services

Services provided by GEA

  • Detailed structural engineering
  • Construction field reviews

If you are an Engineering Consultant… you may be looking for structural engineering expertise to handle specialised aspects of your project.

GEA as Subcontractor

Our comprehensive work approach and computer-based design facilities can easily integrate our activities into those of your core project team.

Gygax Engineering Associates Services

Services provided by GEA

  • Detailed engineering
  • Specialty structural solutions
  • Structural peer reviews