McLymont Creek Hydroelectric


McLymont Creek Hydroelectric Project

British Columbia, Canada

This run-of-river project generates 70 MW of power from 268 m of head using three horizontal axis Francis turbines. The intake features a radially gated sluice channel, rubber weir spillway and headrace canal. From the intake, water is conveyed through a 2.7 km long rock tunnel, with overburden up to 750 m, to the powerhouse. 

The project won the 2016 Engineering Award of Excellence from the Association of Construction Engineering Companies, BC, in the industry and energy category. 

GEA acted as design lead for preliminary and detailed design of the intake, tunnel, penstock, powerhouse, electrical systems and power generation equipment, with subconsultants BCG Engineering Inc, CM Rock Engineering, StruthersTech Ltd, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and Golder Associates.

map of Mclymont Hydro Power Project