Horseshoe Bay Fast-Cat Mooring


Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Berth 1 Fast-Cat Stern Mooring System

British Columbia, Canada

Berth No. 1 was modified to accommodate new catamaran fast ferries. A stern mooring system was required to maintain the ship in position while in the berth. The mooring point must also move with the tides in order to remain level with the ship’s deck. A space truss was built to bridge between the turning dolphin and the breasting dolphin. The truss includes a vertical mooring post with a float-activated travelling mooring collar.

GEA’s responsibilities included developing concepts to meet the geometric constraints of the site and the performance criteria, preliminary design and cost estimate. Detailed design of the mooring system. Fabrication inspections and construction supervision.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Berths 1, 2 and 3 Ramp Tower Seismic Upgrade location map